Séance coach and tap

«You must not be afraid of happiness. It’s just a good time to go through.»
Romain Gary

How does a Coach & Tap session with Nora work ?

The Coach & Tap session takes place by Zoom or Skype : you just need to log in either on the Zoom link that will be sent to you or with your Skype ID.
A private coaching session is 1 hour long and the content is as follows :

– We discuss your situation ;

– I explain to you what tools I will use to support you ;

– I guide you to also integrate tapping on certain meridian points (inspired by EFT therapy) in order to release the emotional charge of the problem ;

– I will highlight the underlying issues and then we will work together to decide on the best actions to take to address those issues.

With the various techniques that I have studied, I have been able to create, little by little, what I call « my toolbox ». Depending on your situation, the session and the feelings, yours as well as mine, I choose methods from my toolbox that are adapted to your needs. My approach always bears in mind that each being is unique and requires special individual attention.

Therefore, during each Coach & Tap session I use various tools to work on personal development, motivation, stress management, relaxation, etc…


Results and follow up

Depending on the needs and on what has been revealed during this first session, there will be two possibilities :

  • Either the first session is enough to release you emotionally;
  • Or there is a need for a personalized follow up which requires a little more time.


A Coach & Tap session: for what type of problem ?

Coach & Tap sessions can be infinitely adapted to answer all the problems that result in emotional blockages.

  • Coach & Tap : to go further into your well-being
  • Coach & Tap : to go further in your relationships (spouses, friends, family)
  • Coach & Tap : to go further in your self-confidence
  • Coach & Tap : to go further in your professional mission
  • Coach & Tap : to go further in your relationship with money…